About us

Did you ever think about how it is possible that all Hollywood stars have such bright, beautiful and white teeth? It is often the result of not very gentle and affordable chemical dental whitening.

We bring you an affordable alternative. There is a new procedure of whitening teeth using no peroxide on the market, which is completely painless and based on the natural base only.

A day paste containing 100% natural coconut oil not only treats the teeth, but in combination with our sonic LED brush minimizes the number of bacteria in the mouth.

The night paste containing activated charcoal supports the whitening effect and, in conjunction with LED light of the sonic brush, speeds up the whole tooth whitening process.

The LED light of our sonic brush acts as an accelerator of whitening process. On its own, it has no whitening effect, only in conjunction with whitening pastes. Therefore, tooth whitening with LED light is absolutely safe and simple.